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"Hindley Street" Canvas Print

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Limited edition print of the painting "The True Colors of Hindley Street" by the artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison.

Action, atmosphere and nightlife - Hindley street is the place where things happen in Adelaide, Australia. There is something for everyone, and it is all here on this painting "Hindley Street". Colorful and full of life - Marie paints everything she sees in her vibrant, not-to-be missed style.

Marie’s multinational background adds interest and depth to her work. Born in Sweden, she emigrated with her family to Australia in 1972.  She began to experiment with various artistic styles when pregnant with her son. Very shortly, Marie was bringing zest and life to the genre of contemporary art known as Naïve or Naif Art. Figures and objects are rendered in relief, giving the works a wonderful human and tactile quality. 

Marie brings to her work a great sense of humor and keen observation of life, always presenting a positive and joyful experience.  Her art often contains social comments about the human condition. Her paintings, prints and sculptures are collected widely throughout Australia, Japan, Europe and the United States. 

Limited edition of only 100 pieces exclusive to ARTnBED, UNFRAMED print on Canvas.

Size 9.6" H x 55.5" W (24.5 H x 141 W cm)  

The limited edition prints are made to order and are signed by Marie. It takes up to 14 days to make and up to additional 7 days for shipping by international priority mail

Watch a short video on on Marie and her work here

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