Sleep different. Sleep in ART. 

Our Story

Welcome, I'm Lior!                                                                                                        

The story of ARTnBED was seeded soon after my wife Sharon and I got married. We spent four amazing years living in Paris and enjoyed our time there immensely, strolling the beautiful streets, exploring the museums, sampling the rich cuisine and soaking up the sights and sounds.

It was during this time we discovered a shared passion for art. We slowly began to acquire special pieces and found that they transformed our living space. When our time in Paris was over, we left this lovely city with a trunk full of memories, original paintings and two beautiful daughters. All in all, a very successful foreign assignment!

Once we settled more permanently and began to furnish our new home, our passion for artwork carried over into our decorating - we viewed every decision as a way to express our individual style. So when Sharon and I went into a home decor store to shop for new bed linens, we were looking for something high quality that would wear well over the years, with a unique style. Although finding quality bedding was easy, we were disappointed to find nothing original, inspiring or evocative in design.

When we didn't find what we were looking for at other retailers, we realized that here was an opportunity to create something different and inspiring. We decided to create a new bedding line featuring colorful modern art paintings, to bring the vibrancy and spirit of art off the walls, and onto our beds - and that's how ARTnBED began!

But ARTnBED is much more than Bedding. It's about art and how it effects us. As Twyla Tharp once said - "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". 

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