Sleep different. Sleep in ART. 


Marie Jonsson-Harrison

Marie’s multinational background adds interest and depth to her work. Born in Sweden, she emigrated with her family to Australia in 1972.  She began to experiment with various artistic styles when pregnant with her son. Very shortly, Marie was bringing zest and life to the genre of contemporary art known as Naïve or Naif Art. Figures and objects are rendered in relief, giving the works a wonderful human and tactile quality. Marie brings to her work a great sense of humor and keen observation of life, always presenting a positive and joyful experience.  Her art often contains social comments about the human condition. Her paintings, prints and sculptures are collected widely throughout Australia, Japan, Europe and the United States. 

See Marie's Paintings "Hindley street" here and "Pottering at the Port" here


Yuval Mahler

Born in Haifa, Israel, Yuval Mahler studied graphic design and animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Mahler draws upon a rich supply of wry humor, satire caricature and comedy to produce his insightful studies of human behavior.  Mahler is all about color, and he uses it to show the full range of human emotion. The diversity of Mahler’s work is remarkable and includes acrylic, gouache, metal cutting, serigraphs and gicille. His paintings have been shown in galleries and exhibitions in many countries including Israel, the United States, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. 

See Yuval's Painting "My New-York" here


Arie Azene

Arie Azene was born in Germany. He moved to Israel at a young age and was raised in the bustling and cosmopolitan Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. During his career as a Master Artist, he exhibited in international shows, museums and galleries in Israel, Europe and the United States. Many of Azene’s artworks can be found in important private collections. For Arie, art is an additional language to express himself – to say things that cannot be said in words. Inspired by a series of original watercolors Azene painted, he created a new series in oil and 3D mixed media art. These latter paintings are what captured our imagination at ARTnBED. 

See Arie's paintings "Beautiful Day" here and "Chairs on the Beach" here

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