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Why Artistic Bed Linens?

Posted on June 17, 2013 | 0 comments

People often ask me why have I decided to create artistic bed linens. The question makes sense. But the answer is not that simple. As an entrepreneur I always seek the unique: to do things in a different way. And ARTnBED is definitely about doing things different. But you know what - that's not the purpose of it. In the end, what we wanted to do in ARTnBED is making people feel good. That's the purpose of art and that's what we want our customers to feel when they enter their bedroom. It is that simple.

I think the best explanation can be found in this post by Marie Jonsson-Harrison, the artists behind a few of our sets:

"So my aim with my quotes is the same as with my art I want to make you feel good! In the process of doing that it also makes me feel good, lol so that makes us all happy right? Just like the title of this acrylic on canvas board painting called “After the rain the flowers came”, there is an upside to everything.  The glass is always half full."


You can read the full post here





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