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Beach painting turns into a dress

Posted on May 19, 2013 | 1 comment

My daughter Jordan started to develop her unique style when she was 8 or 9 years old. I admit that there wasn't a lot of good taste at the time in her style... but now she's 12, and she definitely stands out. You can recognize her when she's hanging out with her friends. She's the one wearing clothes with flair or carrying a unique stylish item like a petite French woman (well, she was born in Paris, after all).

Last year, her class planned a costume party. With Jordan, such an event requires special preparation. You can't really take her to the mall a few days before to pick a costume. No way! She'll never wear a "standard" costume.

Being-forward looking parents, we sat with her a couple of weeks before to discuss her costume.  After a few days she found a unique M&M’s costume on eBay. Off we went, logged on and ordered two weeks in advance. Everyone was happy!

A week later, we started to get worried. The package did not arrive. I checked with the seller and he confirmed that the costume was shipped by USPS one day after the order was placed. But three days before the party, we understood that it's time for a backup plan, and, needless to say that a standard costume just wouldn't do.

At that time I was busy with the production of ARTnBED's sets, and I recall seeing a few leftovers of the "Chairs on the Beach" set in the factory. I offered Jordan that we make a unique dress for her with this fabric and make her look like a true little mermaid. Lucky for us, she liked the idea! Sharon took her right away to prepare the dress, and one day before the party it was ready. A real Beach dress, and most important - UNIQUE! I don't have photos of that dress, but you can see the painting here and imagine...

Jordan happy, we're happy! Good thing her father makes unique bed linens, right?

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