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From MOMA's FB Page to Bedding

Posted on May 12, 2013 | 0 comments

A while back, I landed on MoMA’s FB page to see what's up – and my eye’s popped! I was enchanted with the colors, details, and joy that filled every corner of this naive painting by the artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison, from Australia. 
I didn’t waste a minute and sent Marie a note right away. Long story short -  at first Marie had concerns about the concept and quality of our product, but after careful inspection and consideration,  she agreed that her art belonged in our bedding collection. 
And that's the story of "Hindley Street", our most colorful collection. In this painting Marie brings her great sense of humor and keen observation of life. Can’t sleep?  No worries – rest your eyes on the endless details of this amazing painting until the sandman comes.  Then you’ll wake with a smile every morning under this cheerful duvet cover

Or its white version:

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