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Bed Snorkeling?

Posted on March 31, 2013 | 1 comment

When I've asked Marie Jonsson-Harrison (the Artist we feature on some of our Duvet Sets) to write a few words about her painting "Pottering at the Port" - that's what she wrote:

"Sailing off from the Port to new adventures across the world and then returning to your loved ones waiting with open arms to embrace you. This will be one of many wonderful dreams to be had when you sleep in “Pottering at the Port”. Come pottering around the port with us, perhaps have a snorkel or a drink or just enjoy the buskers and the atmosphere."

So with our duvet sets you can spend a day at the Beach, a weekend in NY, enjoy the nightlife on Hindley street and now...snorkel in bed.

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  • Lisa

    What a fabulous Painting! Love it.


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