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Not My Style!

Posted on March 24, 2013 | 0 comments

Naturally, I have a rotating gallery in my bedroom. Every week I sleep in a different duvet set. You probably say - "well, of course you do! After all, these are your products. But as they are so different in colors and styles no one can connect with all of them". I tend to agree, but here's something to think about: I checked the numbers and found out that 30% of our customers have more than one duvet set. Some have two, some have three and most of those who have more than one set have two different themes! They don't have two "Beach" duvet sets or two "Naive Art" duvet sets. No, they mix and match styles. In a few occasions I have had the opportunity to ask our customers about that. And their answer was - "we love your unique duvet sets so much that we want to have different themes to fit changes in weather or mood...".   

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