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About neighborhood market‏s in Paris and Bed linens!

Posted on March 18, 2013 | 0 comments

When we lived in Paris, we were shopping at the nearest local market. It had a butcher stand, vegetable stand, coffee stand, cheese stand, flowers stand. You get the idea. Everybody was happy to stroll between the stands and buy what they need. Now you will probably say – it doesn't make sense. Why don't they buy at the nearest supermarket where they can find all of the above in one place? But you see, the French people appreciate expertise. They buy their cheese at the cheese stand because they know the owner and they appreciate his advice. It's not the same in the supermarket, where they have to deal with a young seller at the cheese corner. And how is that connected to bed linens you may ask. Well, many of our customers ask us – do you carry other products? And our answer is: for now we want to concentrate on what we do best - Unique, Artistic bedding. "Voila", as the French say!  

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