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Sometimes too much is just... too much

Posted on February 09, 2013 | 1 comment

People often ask us when they see our unique duvet cover sets - "great stuff, do you have more designs"? It seems like we are so used to sites with tens (or hundreds) of products that we don't know how to react when we see a "boutique" site carrying small selection. 

In ARTnBED we consider our unique bed linens to be a piece of art, not just bed linens. It's an art gallery with rotating works. Definitely not another online linens store. And like any art gallery, we pick the style of the art and carefully select the artists. 

We think that having too many choices is stressful. It's easier to pick something from a shorter list. When we see overwhelming selection we get tiered and give up. 

And yes, we'll soon upload a few more designs. Stay Tuned! 
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  • Lisa

    Yay…you have been added to my Easter shopping list a few weeks ago. Now I have to wait and see how the new designs look like.


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