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The NY Gift Show and ... Steve Jobs

Posted on January 29, 2013 | 1 comment

This week we're in NY!

We came for the NY Gift show which takes place twice a year and includes an astounding array of the world's best home, gift and lifestyle resources including bedding. We went to see the housewear section, where most of the upscale bedding brands had their stands with their latest collections. We saw great quality products. 

While everything in our home changes – kitchen, living rooms, furniture, art etc. the bed linens remain the same. You could probably visit the show 10 years ago and see similar things. Why is that? Maybe because nobody is asking for a change so the manufacturers prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Looking back before Steve Jobs invented the iPhone, can you remember how mobile phones looked like? Can you imagine yourself using one of these old models today? Without a fast internet connection, without a browser? Probably not. 

Well, we hope ARTnBED can bring something fresh to this industry with our unique duvet cover sets. We're not going to change it like Apple did to mobile phones, but we do want people to know there are iPhones for bedroom, too! 

See you at the next NY Gift show! 

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  • Joanne

    I’ve been there in August and totally agree. Great stuff at the show but the home textile section was disappointing


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