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Artists and their artwork

Posted on January 19, 2013 | 0 comments

Once we've decided to pair Art with bed linens and to create ARTnBED the first question was: what kind of Art will work on bed linens? As you can imagine, this was a serious topic. Since we've decided to use existing artwork there were so many options to choose from. In the end, we've decided to look for colorful Art. Art that inspires and makes you happy. In addition, it had to fit large format printing since most Giclee prints are not made for a size as large as 70" x 60".


The next step was to pick the artwork we want to use and get permission from the Artists. This wasn't as easy as we thought. Artists are very suspicious when it comes to licensing their artwork. For example, read what Marie Jonsson-Harrison, one of the artists we work with, said:


"As an Artist I had been approached from time to time with ideas for my artwork to be used on different products. However it wasn't until Lior showed me ARTnBED that I said yes. ARTnBED is real ART - from the quality of the linen used as well as their method of high resolution printing on their sateen fabrics to the Artists they chose."


Life is full of challenges isn't it?  

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